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Businesses have reached a point of time where it is impossible to do business without a social media presence.In fact, there are multiple social media where the action is taking place. Enterprises that have multiple products and sell in different demographic regions have to adopt a range of tactics to retain market share. If you hav, for example, 10 products and sell in 5 different demographic variants, you might require at least 10 to 15 social media executives working for you around the clock. This is itself a difficult task, especially if you are a small or a startup business.

Managing social media might seem an unenviable task for those who have not taken the initiative to automate different tasks associated with customer engagement. The more advanced businesses, therefore, take the automation route to manage their social media engagement work.

Social Media Automation Objectives


It is important to define social media automation so that expectations are realistic and disappintments are fewer. Here is a brief idea what automation can mean to social media interlocutors.

Social media automation strives to reduce the manual input required to maintain accounts using software that is specifically designed ti simplify the customer engagement process in course of marketing. Many major and sub-tasks can be relegated to the software such as scheduling, answering customer' queries, analyzing, report preparation, advertising and distributing coupons, and so on.

This blog seeks to address the various problems that marketing departments face in managing their social media assets and engaging customers in their effort to multiply sales and how Ai Octopus can automate repetitive processes just like a human mind.

1. Consistency in Multiple Social Media Posting

It is common knowledge that customers come from different backgrounds and they are usually present on more than one social media. This makes it important for the posts to stay uniform so that readrs - existing and potential customers and general readers are ot confused. Ai Octopus is designed to do this. You can engage social media customers with a single message and tone and schedule the software to upload. Doing this manually is almost an impossible task because the human mind works differently people.

Ai Octopus achieves consistency in all social media. Your team can schedule a date for posts, answers to queries, new product launches, upload a manual, or distribute a coupon. The advantages are you can launch set-off your campaign simultaneously on all social media.

2. Getting Leads and Converting them into Customers

One of the major reasons whymany businesses can convert a lead into a sale is that the inquiry is not forwaded to the right individual in your team. By the right individual, we mean your agent who answers customer queries. Often the query goes to the wrong agent in your team and he or she is unable to fully answer all the customer's questions. Without auromation, there is no way an agent can transfer an inquiry to the right agent in the organization resulting in lost sales.

Ai Octopus is for businesses that face these or related problems. It has been designed to send the right query to the right agent. Ai makes query transfers a child's play - it can intelligently direct a query to the right team agent orif an agent change is required it can redirect customer engagements. This ensures that every lead you capture ultimately is ultimately converted into a paying customers.

Ai Octopus is easy-to-use social media automation software endowed with features to engage customers professionally. To learn more visit: