Guard Your Reputation From Competitors On The Social Media


Tools for Automatating Social Media Reputation Building

Social Media has become a vast space. The space is open for every purpose. You can use social media for pleasure, staying in touch with friends, families, business associates, collegues, and customers. You can befriend anyone, even strangers who share a common value with you, someone who might be interested in merchandise or services.

Social media is very similar to the real world; there is jealousy, crime, cheating and misuse. This is understandable, considering that all people have access to social media. To access social media, all that an individual need is an internet. Collectively the social media population is 3-4 billion. It could be higher;it is anybody's guess. Most importantly, the internet can also be used bu your competitors; those types that want to tarnish your image and make a profit out of it.


Questions to Ask About Protecting Reputation

Getting into Social media is simple and does not cost much, but staying there and building a good reputation is tricky. To guard your reputation, you must br vigilant and take action to neutralize the negative impact that is being generated in social media. Now the question is how to do it? How do I keep track of what is happening on social media? How muvh time do I need to spend on social media? Is there software that will respond in my absence rapidly before the enemy can cause substantial damage to my personal reputation, or my product and stand in society?

The solution to beating your tormentors or rivals is automating your social media presence. Most people,businesses, and celebrities use social media aggregators such as Ai Octopus to protect their social media assets from predators. Multiple advantages and opportunities open up for those who use social media aggregators. It can keep a close watch over what other fellow social media participants are saying about you and help you to respond either manually or automatically.

Introduction to Ai Octopus

Ai Octopus will never go to sleep. It is designed to stay vigilant 24/7 and respond at high speed. You can set it to respond to queries and bring to your notice any negative activities that are doing the rounds on the internet. It can do what dozens of your teams can't. Here are but a few features of Ai Octopus that you will simply love.

Built-in Web Crawler

The crawler ensures that you are always present on the internet.It will keep a close watch on a specific web page and repor to you in the dashboard. You can instruct Ai Octopus to look out for specific happenings and initiate actions. Ai Octopus is designed to respond automatically or act as per your settings.

Little do we need to tell what benefits Web Crawlers bring in for your business. The most important however is its ability to answer customer question by itself or direct it to a human operator.

Built-in Chat Bot

The Chatbot that comes with Ai Octopus is a valuable tool that you can use for auto-answering. You can set it to answer the standard question or redirect it to a team member when a human response is necessary. You can use it as a propaganda tool to spread the word about a new product you have developed or a new feature you have added to your services. The sky is the limit for using it.

Ai Octopus is a feature-rich social media management tool. It is not just another management tool either; it is a tool that can safeguard from people who are interested in vandalizing your products' reputations in the marketplace.