How To Add Punch To Your Social Media Planning?


How To Manage 40+ Social Media Accounts With A Lean Team?

If you are an upwardly mobile business, you must keep growing. Upwardly mobile start-up businesses must focus on social media because it is cheaper. Social media is the only place where you can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with established and large enterprises. Print media or television cannot be for businesses that can afford to be happy with a small return on every dollar that they spend on sales.

Social media is an ever-expanding space where you can keep in touch with potential buyers on a one-to-one-basis. you can communicate and convince them to buy your brand by giving a personal touch to your marketing approaches. In many ways, social media is like real-world marketing. Real-world marketing involves meeting people at their homes, offices, or on the street, whereas social media is like meeting virtual people on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. In the real world, you travel on roads, fly or sail to reach customers. In social media, you move to meet people on the internet.


Why Use Multiple Social Media?

If you are new to social media, you might ask why I should be present in so many social media when my start-up has only a few products that can be counted using one's fingers. The simple answer is "like people" they are different and you must have different approaches to each of them. Each social media has its ecosystem; an approach that might fit facebook might not work for LinkedIn for example. The problem is most often with culture, age, and demography.

To play safe, marketers must have a presence on many social media but focus only on one or two. This is for safeguarding a brand's reputation and stopping competitors from vandalizing its image.

Isn't it Difficult To Manage Multiple Social Media?

The bad news is that managing multiple social media is a gargantuan task. the good news is some tools make managing multiple social media a cakewalk. Businesses with multiple product lines and brands use Ai Octopus to streamline the managing process. Ai Octopus is a social media automation tool. It can be used as CRM as well as lead-generating software.

Ai Octopus can strike at the right target at the right time and convert it into a customer. It never goes to sleep, that is the crux of the matter. When you set off the software, it will start to scan social media pages with a lens to look for any mention of your brand, your business name, or a product that manufacture or deal with.

Capturing a mention is not the only activity it does. Ai Octopus can even respond instantly by engaging the source of mention and converting it into a lead or a sale.You can target Ai Octopus to act only in territories where you want to be seen and discussed.It has a fine-tuned information filtering and segregation algorithm. The algorithm is what makes Ai stand out from the crowd.

Features That Make Ai Octopus The Preferred Social Media's Darling

Top Features List:

All top social media platforms are covered with a centralized command structure that gives the organization full control.

Automated response system to mentions in the social media controlled by artificial intelligence-centric algorithm.

Intelligent query transfer system to agents, including automatic reply - selects the right specialty agent's competitiveness.

Storage and analusis ability provides for data warehousing and retrieval - helps organizations to recast social media initiatives.


Social media is the future of advanced marketing for new ventures and startups. It is a cost-effective platform for building a good brand image and guarding its reputation. Social media is cheaper than other advertising platforms such as newspapers and television.

If you are planning a startup, focus on your social media presence. While you do this, remember to automate the social media activity by investing a small amount. The small investment will give you surprisingly a greater ROI. Profits apart, social media with Ai Octopus is fun. You can use it for surveys/polls, influence marketing, and also for affiliate marketing for promoting hundreds of products.