How To Tell The Differences Between A Serious Business Lead And A Casual Lead


If your business is present on many social media, then, you are also likely to be flooded with a large number of inquiries. Not all will convert into tangible customers and business owners know about this. The next question we need to ask is, how to tell the difference between a serious inquiry and a casual inquiry. The best way to find out is to do an analysis using the information that you capture from interacting on social media.

The kind of information that you can capture is enormous. You will get details about user's age, geographical location, martial status, gender, family size, sexual orientation, income level, property ownership, and the reputation of your products. Overall social media is a place that businesses can use for reputation building and defending brand image.

How Ai Octopus Help to Aggregate Data

The problem with making a serious analysis is that researches are often confronted with data that are difficult to organize. It may be spread in different social media assets or simply you are not able to see it all. Centralized software such as Ai Octopus can solve many of your aggregation problems.

Ai Octopus is a social media high-feature aggregator that helps businesses to capture floating data and convert them into actionable sales leads. By analyzing the data, your marketing team can tell promising leads from casual leads.

Ai Octopusis a cost-effective solution when you have to deal with multiple social media and still remain consistent in content and response. It can also be setup to self activate at a predetermined date.

Lead Capturing Features of Ai Octopus


What does the leaderboard do?

The leaderboard will capture information for which you set it - the person with whom you are engaging, their prefernces, the question that they ask, your agent who interacted, negative comments circulating, and the geographies of the people with whom you engage.

Agent Monitoring Feature of Ai Octopus

Your agents who work for you probably come from different backgrounds and not all can engage everyone in social media. Agents require regular training, and training can be delivered only when you know how they are reacting to social media users. You will find Ai Octopus a great asset here because it keeps an accurate tab on all conversations that your agents make on social media.

Monitoring will help you to redesign training programs for agents and find the right role for the person to make it more responsive toward customer engagement. It can also be used for harvesting the types of questions that customer raise.

Chatbot Feature of Ai Octopus

Ai Octopus Chatbot is endowed with advanced features that can give a clue to tell whether an enquirer is serious or just about wandering in social media.By fine - tuning answers and asking automated questions, you can tell one type of person from the other.

Ai Octopus can be set up to respond like a real human and solicit information that will tell the difference between a serious inquiry and a casual inquiry.

Intelligent Agent Transfer Feature in Ai Octopus

Not all agents are the same as we said earlier. It is sometimes important to transfer an inquiry from one agent to another in the middle of a quest. Based on the type of question that is being raised, Ai Octopus can redirect inquiries from one agent to another. This will ensure that only the most serious of inquiries stay and the rest is discarded.

For a full list of features visit Ai Octopus website.