Why Every Growth-oriented Business must have a Business App


Why Every Growth-oriented Business must have a Business App

Even small and mid-size businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of using mobile apps for running their operations. It is an undeniable fact that even a few years back only big corporations and multinational enterprises had the exclusive privilege of accessing mobile apps, leaving the lesser privileged small businesses to carry on without this valuable tool. Things have changed during the last couple of years with the mobile app privilege opening up for small businesses.

Mobile Apps Become Cost Effective

It is now possible even for the drug store around the block to have its app and service customers just like bigger businesses with tons of money. The advantages of using mobile apps are not difficult to see – it is the best tool ever invented to give customers a great experience in terms of value for money and convenience. Thanks to the proliferation of technology, it has become a win-win situation for everyone in the factory-to-consumer distribution channel.

Here are the main benefits that businesses can hope to get from mobile apps.

1. Mobile apps create loyalty because as a business owner you make life comfortable for them by giving customers shop-at-home convenience.

2. Your shop or store can display all the merchandise for the customers to see. The buck does not stop here; you can describe the product vividly and convincingly.

3. You will save a lot of money on the rental because you can carry on your business from home or even without a physical store.

4. You can notify your customers about new products and services that you have introduced recently. It is far cheaper than sending mail or letters or even calling.


5. The entire business cycle can be brought under a single app – ordering, returns, replacements, and payments call be controlled with the mobile app.

6. Your store can offer a convenient payment gateway by doing away with cash payment that requires the services of an honest cashier.

7. All customers will come directly under your care and control – send notices and invites, make contracts, keep a tab on stock position and calculate profit.

8. Businesses can reduce the level of employees required to handle business deals by introducing Chatbots for an automated response.

9. Marketing managers can respond faster by working 24/7 with automatic response systems to customer complaints.

10. Businesses can invite customers to provide feedback that can be processed and improvements can be implemented.

11. Mobile apps can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors who don’t have a mobile app.

Mobile Apps beyond Business

Mobile apps are not limited to use in business. There are other venues, such as rent collection, property management, school and college administration, advertising, and apartment leasing and rental to name a few.

There are two ways to enable your business with mobile apps - the first strategy is to develop your own branded app and host it on a reliable server. The second method is to subscribe to a cloud-based app. The factors that determine the choice are your budget, your security requirements, traffic volume, and the number of customers you hope to have.