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Be the first to know when someone mentions your business. News-fetcher app is the ultimate social media monitoring tool for keeping your business ahead of the competition.

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Fully Loaded Unchallenged Feature-rich App

Endless features made to give you a streamlined experience for keeping a tab on the media.

  • Monitor 24/7

    Set the app in motion and go back to relax while it does the hard work for you – guaranteed not to miss a single mention.
  • Powerful Tech

    News Fetcher is a technology marvel for monitoring news from around the world that matters most to you.

Redefine Marketing Build Smart Teams

Building a smart team cannot be any easier – News Fetcher is the # 1 trusted intelligence source for smart marketers worldwide.

  • Multiply Productivity

    Increase your team’s performance 10X overnight and multiply your profits in a short time effortlessly.
  • Stretch your Time

    News Fetcher is for businesses that want to 48-hours of accomplishments in 24 hours.

Become Technology Driven

Businesses around the world trust our AI technology-driven social media monitoring tool to respond at lightning speed to customer needs.

  • Centralized Data

    Make all information accessible to your team with the centralized feature of News Fetcher and enjoy seamless news flow.
  • Analyze Market

    Know who is talking about your business, products and service and decide where to channelize your marketing team’s energy for big returns.
  • React Positively

    Current marketing scenarios demand that you react instantly to mentions – it will help you set off negative remarks of your competitors.
  • Explore Markets

    Be the first to learn about emerging markets for innovative products – do research on a scientific basis with the latest information feeds.

The Ultimate Tool for Reaching Out to the
Action Spot in Seconds

Get instant intelligence every time you or your business is discussed in Blog,
newspaper, social media, forums or social media.


Never even miss a single whisper about you. Monitor the media round the clock.

Social Media

Swirl around the social media and capture the latest information about your business.

Smart Filter

The smartest filter that can separate important news from thrash and save time.

Hash-tag Analyzer

Weed out the unwanted and capture information that matter most for your business

Data Storage

Capture and store data in electronic media files, PDF format and Word files for retrieval.

Feeder Channel

Create a channelize all information to your team as the news unfurls and act swiftly.


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Kick Start a New Chapter in Marketing with News Fetcher

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